AGV Trolley

UWB Solution—AGV Trolley UWB Solution— AGV Trolley Project background With the development of the information age, warehouse storage goods and transporting essential goods, even some hostile and high-temperature circumstance, which need mass manpower and materials to solve the carry, and it also happened accident easily. AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) let the traditional operation into smart era, […]

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Warehouse logistics solution

UWB Solution—Warehouse logistics Warehouse logistics solution Project background A famous top 500 mobile phone enterprise, who has large-scale instruments and equipments in production workshop. Due to big qty, it takes too much manpower and time when delivering goods rapidly and finding goods To meet the more and more transport efficiency demand, how to get the

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Public road and railway tunnel plan

UWB Solution—road and railway tunnel Public road and railway tunnel plan Project background The construction working circumstance of Road, rail and tunnel is hard and wicked. High risk type of work and big qty workers make the tunnel construction enterprise to face the huge management difficulty. The operating circumstance in tunnel is bad, type of

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UWB Solution—Digital Key

UWB Solution—Digital Key UWB Distance Location system Vehicle side Project TC22NI21_UKA and TC22NI21_BNCM are kind of Car front loading UWB digital key products developed by Tianchi Information. It realized the vehicles’ close-range precise spatial perception by using the centimeter level precise ranging capacity of UWB and placing multiple anchors in vehicles to combine with pared

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