Other series of UWB modules

UWB Module TC22MI42

UWB Module TC22MI42 The MX2000 is a UWB transceiver monolithic that integrates RF transmit, RF reception, baseband signal processing, and power management modules. It complies with the IEEE802.15.4-2011 standard and has a maximum communication rate of 8.5Mbps. The TC22MI42 module is a UWB module developed based on the MX2000 chip, which integrates PA and LNA […]

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UWB Module TC22MI41

UWB Module TC22MI41 MX2000 is a UWB transceiver single chip which integrated with RF sending, RF receiving,baseband signal processing and power management module. It conforms to IEEE802.15.4-2011standard. Its highest communication speed is 8.5Mbps.TC22MI41 is a UWB module based on MX2000 chip development. Internal integrated PA and LANincreased the UWB communication distance effectively, which accuracy can

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