UWB Solution—Digital Key

UWB Distance Location system Vehicle side Project


TC22NI21_UKA and TC22NI21_BNCM are kind of Car front loading UWB digital key products developed by Tianchi Information. It realized the vehicles’ close-range precise spatial perception by using the centimeter level precise ranging capacity of UWB and placing multiple anchors in vehicles to combine with pared keyfob or mobile phone. It realized intelligent control by vehicles spatial perception to judge the key’s location. For example, Non-inductive locking or unlocking(PE)、One-button start(PS)、Active welcome and so on.
The system mainly consists of keyfob/mobile phone(tag), multiple UKA (anchor) and BNCM three parts. The first two parts are responsible for UWB ranging, BNCM realized positioning algorithm and car body CAN communication connecting.

Product Features

Product Parameter

Communication: IEEE 802.14.4z UWB PHY,BLE 5.1
Frequency UWB:6-8.5GHz,BLE:2.402-2.48GHz
Transmission rate 6.8Mbps(BPRF),7.8Mbps(HPRF)
Positional accuracy 10cm
Operating Voltage 9~16V
Operating humidity 5%~95%RH
Operating temperature -40~+105°C
Power consumption Standby current:TBD
Sleep current:TBD
Operating current:TBD
Communication interface CAN x 3:HS/FD,One-way support PNC

Application Field

Trunk open
Gate machine access control
Car indoor navigation, location, automatic parking
Biopsy and intrusion detection in Radar mode

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